First and foremost, this mikvah project has been made possible with the generous help of Mikvah USA.

In addition, we would like to extend the warmest of thanks to the following people for their commitments to the project:

David & Linda Roitman $30,000  
Jorian Schutz $6,000  
Michoel & Sara Ogince $5,000 Entrance Mezuzah
Galbut Family $3,600
Belles Family $3,600  
Goodman Family $3,600
Dr. Scott Noren $2,000 1 Spring of Elim
Bane Family $1,800 1 Spring of Elim
Ganger Family $1,800  
Rosner Family $1,800
Erlich Family $1,800
Gani & Aaron Lazer Goodman $1,800  
Atkins Family $1,500  
Donors Giving General Support
Finson Family
Terrance Danial
Joelle & Mordechai Wilshinsky
Michael Pichel honoring Aaron, Karen & Benjamin
Ghermezian Foundation
Mordechai & Chana Lightstone
Eli & Gila Wachman
Helaine Wasser
Rabbi Eli & Chana Silberstein
Rabbi Dovid and Miri Birk
Akiva & Chava Goodman
Mr. Bastomski
Duchman Family
David Levy and Silvia Sterenthal
Josh Lazoff
Slonim Family
Rappoport Family
Yunger Family
Fanny & Moshe Levy
Saby Behar
Joshua Goldfarb
Kevin & Sharon Turpie
Louis Avrutick
David and Caren Grossman
Josh and Andi Krisch