Rabbi Eli, Chana, Rabbi Dovid or Miri are available to meet with you and learn any topic at a convenient time.

You choose the topic - Talmud, Mishna, Jewish Law, Philosophy, hebrew reading, Chumash, Kabbalah, Chassidut or something else.

Torah is rich with wisdom from the ages, intellectual challenge, modern insight into human psychology and guidance on how to lead a more spiritual and meaningful life.

Take a break from Cornell’s academic demands and expose yourself to authentic Jewish learning.

Our numbers and emails are listed below. Don’t hesitate. Contact one of us today.

Rabbi Eli | 607 227 4082 |  [email protected]

Rabbi Dovid | 917 841 3256 | [email protected]

Chana | 607 342 8580 | [email protected]

Miri | 703 850 8025 | [email protected]