Sponsoring Shabbat is a meaningful way to partner in Jewish life in Ithaca. Shabbat is far more than simply a meal. It's a warm, inviting experience where students, faculty and local residents can enjoy an inspirational story, a heartwarming idea, sing an upbeat melody and socialize with other Jewish people in Ithaca.

The magic is made possible by you!

Thank you for being a Shabbat sponsor. :-) 

Listed below are the Shabbat sponsorships and sponsors for the year.
If you would like to sponsor a Shabbat, either;
A. Make your donation here ; or
B. Contact Rabbi Dovid to discuss other options.
$1,800 Big RED - Sponsor a full Shabbat Experience
$1,000 Gold Shabbat Sponsor 
$600 Silver Shabbat Sponsor
$360 Copper Shabbat Sponsor
6th - 7th Parshas Vayeitzei

The Melamed Family

13th - 14th Parshas Vayishlach The Bolotin Family
20th - 21st Parshas Vayeishev The Langfan Family
27th - 28th Parshas Miketz (Chanukah) Karen Pichel & Richard Dubin
3rd - 4th Parshas Vayigash Chabad of Ithaca
10th - 11th Parshas Vayechi Sam Domb 
17th - 18th Parshas Shemot Samson Frankel 
24th - 25th Parshas Vaera The Rudoy Family 
31st Jan - 1st Feb Parshas Bo The Zohar Family 
7th - 8th Parshas Beshalach Aaron & Michal Gorin 
14th - 15th Parshas Yisro Dr. Shlomo Noren 
21st - 22nd Parshas Mishpatim The Yatcha Family 
28th - 29th Parshas Terumah The Greenspan Family 
MARCH 2020
6th - 7th Parshas Tetzaveh


13th - 14th Parshas Ki Sisa  
20th - 21st Parshas Vayakhel-Pekudei  
27th - 28th Parshas Vayikra


APRIL 2020
3rd - 4th Parshas Tzav  
10th - 11th Passover  
17th - 18th Parshas Shemini  
24th - 25th Parshas Tazria-Metzora  
MAY 2020
1st - 2nd Parshas Acharei-Kedoshim  
8th - 9th Parshas Emor  
15th - 16th Parshas Behar-Bechukosai  
22nd - 23rd Parshas Bamidbar  
29th - 30th Parshas Shavuot  
JUNE 2020
5th - 6th Parshas Nasso


12th - 13th Parshas Beha'aloscha  
19th - 20th Parshas Shelach  
26th - 27th Parshas Korach  
JULY 2020
3rd - 4th Parshas Chukat-Balak  
10th - 11th Parshas Pinchas  
17th - 18th Parshas Matot-Massei  
24th - 25th Parshas Devarim  
31st - Aug. 1st Parshas Va'eschanan