Once you get accepted, you will get an e-mail with your mentor pairing.

E-mail the mentor within 48 hours to introduce yourself, send them your resume, and ask them for their availability for the first chat and “CC” your Chabad Cornell Alumni-Student Mentorship Director.

The first phone or video conference will happen by September 30.

In the chat, ask the mentor about their career and tell them your story (i.e.: goals, interests, aspirations, challenges, etc.). Additionally, feel free to discuss topics surrounding Judaism with the mentor.

Send a “thank-you” e-mail within 24 hours of the chat and schedule your next one for the following month and “CC” your Chabad Mentorship Director.

Write a short summary (50-125 words) of the chat and send it to Adam Shapiro ( within 48 hours of the chat.

The next chat will happen by October 31.After all the chats are completed, feel free to keep in touch with the mentor on your own terms professionally. You will only have one official mentor from this program.


After getting your mentor pairing, immediately email (within 48 hours) the mentor to set up the chat.

If you do not hear back within a week, update your Chabad Mentorship Director.

If you are doing a video conference or in-person meeting, wear business casual clothing, at minimum.

Answer any e-mail from the mentor within 24 hours.