We are no longer taking applications for fall 2018. We will re-open in spring 2019.

If you would like more information or to be emailed in spring 2019, please email Adam Shapiro.  

To see more about the procedure & rules >> CLICK HERE  

Successful applicants are expected to commit to 4 deliberate engagements with Chabad over the course of the semester. These include, but are not limited to:

1. A Shabbat dinner or lunch 

2. A 1 on 1 learning session with one of the Rabbi's or Rebbetzins (topic of your choice)

3. Attend a public class - weekly class options with Rabbi Eli or Rabbi Dovid

4. Commit to 1 time lighting Shabbat candles (women), or wrapping tefillin (men)

5. Commit to engage with another mitzvah - e.g. put up a mezuzah, shake the lulav on Sukkot  

6. Attend a holiday lunch or dinner

Enrollment in Sinai Scholars or attending a winter or summer trip to Israel with Chabad will fulfill this entire component.  

The choice of engagements will be discussed and agreed upon once your application is approved.