Don't let Gemara learning be something you did once upon a time in yeshiva or seminary. Keep up your learning with this exciting, deep and engaging talmud course. With the correct guidance, you will use your talmudic thumb to explore the depth of various topics in talmudic literature.

To join this class, you do not need to have had substantial talmudic experience but you do need a strong desire to learn and some basic skills in reading hebrew. 

  • Open to men and women 
  • 6 week course
  • Classes are 1.5 hours 
  • Earn a stipend of $200 upon completion of the course
  • Text based learning 
  • Each class analyzes a different topic using talmud and classic commentators 
  • Class dates to be determined by the group
  • Classes taught at Chabad 
  • Hot pizza and refreshments served 

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Email Rabbi Eli with any questions. 

Rabbi Eli Silberstein