The Jake & Jeanette Geldwert zt"l Beit Midrash Fund
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Jake and Jeanette Geldwert zt"l were Holocaust survivors whose families were brutally taken from them. Yet their love for Yiddishkeit and their embodiment of the values of sharing and kindness were treasures that no one could take from them and that they carried with them for the rest of their lives.They took deep joy in inviting guests for Shabbat, in davening in Shul, and in hearing words of Torah. The work of Chabad was very close to their heart.

The Roitman Chabad Center at Cornell seeks to honor the memory of Jake and Jeanette zt"l through the establishment of a community beit midrash: a place to meet others and connect Jewishly through personal learning and group study . The beit midrash will contain sefarim and multimedia resources, including videos of Jake and Jeanette zt"l sharing about their pre-war life in Poland as well as their life in the war and beyond.

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