Present a paper on your Jewish name. What does it mean? What is it’s origin in your family? What is it’s origin in Jewish history? Explore the life of the Jewish biblical figure that is the source of your name. Discuss and share connections between your Jewish name, its meaning and significance in Jewish history and your own personal life.


Below is a list of mitzvot (Jewish practices). Choose one to explore. Present reasons for the mitzvah and how the mitzvah is observed. Explore any mystical or deeper dimensions or ramifications of the mitzvah. Suggest philosophical relevance of this mitzvah to the modern world.

  1. Shabbat

  2. Love and fear of G‑d

  3. Honoring parents

  4. Eating kosher

  5. Tefillah (loosely translated as prayer)

  6. Tefillin

  7. Mezuzah

  8. Do not murder

  9. Giving tzedakah (loosely translated as charity)

  10. Mikvah

  11. Tzitzit


Jewish Holidays are not merely historical events and cultural celebrations but are meant to give inspiration and guidance for living a meaningful life today. Choose a holiday from the list below. Summarize the story of the holiday. Describe the key practices of the holiday. Explain the meaning of the name of the holiday. Discuss the contemporary relevance of the theme of the holiday.

  1. Purim

  2. Pesach (Passover)

  3. Shavuot

  4. Rosh Hashana

  5. Yom Kippur

  6. Sukkot, Shmini Atzeret, Simchat Torah (together or separate)

  7. Chanukah

Suggested Online Resources

Helpful Books

  • The book of our heritage, Eliyahu Kitov

  • The Aryeh Kaplan Anthology, Aryeh Kaplan

  • A guide to Jewish prayer, Steinsaltz