Wednesday, Oct. 11th - Shmini Atzeret Eve
Light Candles - 6:12pm
Evening Service - 6:30pm
Hakafot (Dancing) - 7pm
Holiday Dinner in the Sukkah - 8pm - RSVP Here
Thursday Day, Oct. 12th - Shmini Atzeret Day
Morning service - 10am
Lunch in the Sukkah - 1pm - RSVP Here
Thursday Eve, Oct. 12th - Simchat Torah Eve
Light candles after 7:10pm
Evening service - 7:30pm

Hakafot, Dancing and rejoicing - 8pm

Holiday meal - 10:30pm - RSVP Here
Friday, Oct. 13th - Simchat Torah Day
Morning service - 10am
Hakafot, Dancing and concluding the Torah - 12pm
Lunch - 3pm - RSVP Here
Holiday transitions straight into Shabbat
Shabbat Evening, Oct. 13th 
Light candles before 6:09pm
Evening service - 7pm

Shabbat Dinner - 8pm

Shabbat Day, Oct. 14th 
Morning service - 10am
Lunch - 1:30pm - RSVP Here
Shabbat concludes | Maariv | Havdallah - 7:07pm