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 Shabbat Reservation: June 7th & 8th, 2019
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 Kabbalat Shabbat, 7:30pm at Chabad 
 Shabbat dinner, June 7th 2019, 8:30pm at Chabad 
 Shabbat morning service, 10am at Chabad 
 Shabbat lunch, June 8th 2019, 1:30pm at Chabad 
Shavuot Meals Reservation: June 8th - 10th, 2019
Dinner* - 1st Night (Following Shabbat), Saturday June 8th, 10pm 
*As is Jewish custom, dinner will be followed by all night learning and classes starting at 10:45pm
 >> Delicious refreshments and desserts provided to fuel an evening of inspiration!
 Lunch - 1st Day,  Sunday June 9th, 1:30pm
 Dinner - 2nd Night, Sunday June 9th, 10pm
 Lunch - 2nd Day, Monday, June 10th, 1:30pm
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