Student Board Position Description and Responsibilities


All Board members are expected to:

  1. Attend meetings every week at 11am each Sunday of the semester.
  2. Attend Shabbat dinners at Chabad.
  3. Positively and actively promote Chabad’s programming to all Jewish students on campus.
  4. Actively recruit Jewish students to Shabbat dinners, holiday dinners and Chabad events.


The President shall be responsible for:

  1. Calling and leading all meetings, preparing and distributing meeting agenda to all board members, as well as putting forth ideas and implementing them.
  2. Developing and maintaining relationships with the College’s administration/ academic advisor.
  3. Allocating tasks to Board members to ensure that all events are prepared adequately.
  4. Supervising board members, stepping in to assist as necessary.
  5. Managing all Board conflicts and seeking constant feedback regarding Board progress.


Vice President shall be responsible for:

  1. Assist the President in fulfilling President’s responsibilities and lead board meetings in the President’s absence.
  2. Upholding any executive board positions that are not fulfilled.
  3. Working with the Public Relations Chair in fulfillment of Public Chair responsibilities.
  4. Constantly reach out to Jews on campus and encourage them to come to Chabad.
  5. Learning Roberts Rules in conjunction with the Secretary and reviewing them with the board at the first board meeting of the semester.


Secretary shall be responsible for:

  1. Excellent attendance in board meetings
  2. Writing meeting minutes; distributing these minutes via email to all board members up to 24 hours after meeting.
  3. Learning Roberts Rules in conjunction with the Vice President and reviewing them with the board at the first board meeting of the semester.


Treasurer shall be responsible for:

  1. Preparing and submitting all funding requests to Cornell ON TIME.
  2. Updating board about the funding and account balance.
  3. Seek information about budget requests from Rabbi Dovid, social chair, recruitment chair, and president for organizing budget.
  4. After submission of budget request - start preparing for next semester.


Leadership Interns work closely with president and vice-president in helping plan and execute Chabad's programs. This position should attract those students seeking a vice-president or president position after serving for a full term.


General Board Members serve for a full year.

General Board Members are expected to:

  1. Host a Shabbat - "your" Shabbat where you set the menu, invite friends and give a dvar Torah (optional)
  2. Volunteer in either:
  • A) Challah Baking Event (1 per semester), or
  • B) The other major semester event (TBD) - like Purim party, major social event, or philanthropy - changes every semester.