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Sinai Scholars Tier 2

Sinai Scholars Tier 2

Take your Torah study to the next level


Did you enjoy the Sinai Scholars course? Well… we are now offering SINAI SCHOLARS TIER 2. This is only for students who completed the first course. This will take your learning to new horizons as you explore deep and exciting ideas in Jewish thought. 

Tier 2 course information:

  • Title: “Secrets of Self Actualization: An overview of selected readings of Pirkei Avot, The Talmud’s wisdom on self development.”
  • Stipend of $150
  • Total of 6 classes to start in September.
  • 2 powerhouse teachers.
  • Enroll for this course by emailing Rabbi Eli as  
  • Actual teaching day and time will be determined by the group availability


Rabbi Eli Silberstein