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Schedule a shofar blowing on campus

Schedule a shofar blowing on campus

We'll come to you on campus, house, fraternity, sorority etc...


Hearing the shofar is the central mitzvah on both days of Rosh Hashana, Thursday, September 21st and Friday, September 22nd.

The shofar is blown normally during the Rosh Hashana morning service.

However, we want to make sure you get the hear the shofar, even if you can't make it to services.

Email Rabbi Eli or Rabbi Dovid and we will come to you to blow the shofar at a convenient time.

In the past, we have blown shofar in Collegetown Bagels, Risley Dining Hall, Ho Plaza, various fraternities and sororities and private Rosh Hashana parties.

You contact us, we'll be there... shofar in hand and ready to blow :-)


Rabbi Eli Silberstein


Program Director
Rabbi Dovid Birk