Thursday Evening, March 29th 

Search for Chametz after nightfall (7:57pm). See more about this practice - click here
Friday, March 30th - Erev Passover and First Night
Fast of the firstborn. See more about this practice - click here
Finish eating chametz by 11:03am 
Sell and burn chametz by 12:06pm - See Here
Light candles at 7:12pm
Evening service - 7:15pm 
First night seder - 8pm - RSVP Here
Saturday, March 31st - 1st Day of Passover and Second Night
Morning service - 10am 
Passover Lunch - 1pm - RSVP Here
Light candles after 8:13pm 
Evening service - 8:30pm 
Second night seder - 9pm - RSVP Here
Sunday, April 1st - 2nd Day of Passover 
Morning service - 10am
Passover Lunch - 1pm - RSVP Here
First days of Passover end - 8:14pm 
Monday, April 2nd - Thursday, April 5th 
Chol Ha-Moed (Intermediate days of Passover)
Thursday night, April 5th - 7th night of Passover (Holiday)
Light candles - 7:18pm   
Evening service - 7:30pm
Holiday dinner - 8pm: RSVP Here
All night learning - starting 10pm
Friday day, April 6th - 7th Day of Passover (Holiday)
Morning service - 10am
Holiday lunch - 1pm: RSVP Here
Friday night, April 6th - 8th Night of Passover & Shabbat
Candle Lighting - 7:20pm 
Evening service - 7:30pm 
Shabbat Passover Dinner - 8:30pm - RSVP Here
Saturday, April 7th - 8th day of Passover& Shabbat
Morning service - 10am 
Shabbat Passover lunch - 1pm - RSVP Here
Seudas Moshiach - 7:15pm
Shabbat and Passover end - 8:22pm