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Chai Club

Chai Club


Have you experienced first-hand the incredible work of Chabad at Cornell?

Would you like to help support Chabad by making a regular monthly donation of just $18 (or any multiple of $18 - some give $36, others $54)?

Join our Chai Club!

Click here to set up your monthly gift! Enter $18 (or a different amount to suit you) and set the recurring interval to monthly.

Alternatively, you can make your recurring gift via Cornell here.

Thank you!

Current Members of Chabad's Chai Club:

Gabe Goldenberg Jacob Bassiri-Tehrani
Gani Goodman Zach Levy
Reut Bar Hama Julia Dobstis
Shawn Goldsmith Sam Mark
Charles Stern Nina Kanovitch
Jason Cogan Josh Lazoff
Jordan Heller Chava & Yehudah Bolotin
Josh Mark Eric Morgan
Julie & Justin Digennaro Eric Distelburger
Eric Weintraub Rick Saxe
Cathy Aronin Andrew Lucks
Adam Sasson Jeremy Rosenberg
Josh Korn Raphie Nissan 
Nina Lenn Daniel Cohanpour 
Benjamin Elbaz