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  • Pizza & ParshaEvery Thursday at 4:45pm in the International Room in WSH. Piping hot pizza and engaging Torah discussion! More info
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Mon, October 24, 2016
Dance and rejoice with the Torah
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Fri, November 11, 2016
Join over 1,000 students from across the US!!
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There was once a king who had an only daughter, and one of the kings came and married her. When her husband wished to return to his country, her father said to him: "My daughter, whose hand I have given you, is my only child; I cannot part with her. Neither can I say to you, 'Do not take her,' for she is your wife. This one favor, however, I ask of you: wherever you go to live, prepare a chamber for me that I may dwell with you, for I cannot leave my daughter." In the...
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