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  • Shavuot & GraduationShavuot falls over graduations weekend. Join Chabad for meals, learning, a refreshing graduation afternoon tea or even just a space to relax!RSVP & More
  • Israel Summer FellowshipAn exclusive Chabad Cornell Fellowship in Israel this summer!See more
  • ShabbatGet together with friends for the highlight of the week!RSVP Online
  • LearnChallenge yourself by engaging in deep, sophisticated Jewish ideas!More Info
  • Pizza and ParshaPiping hot, homemade pizza right on campus, served with a dose of Jewish wisdom!More Info
  • Mezuzahs & TefillinWant to put a mezuzah on your door? Need a pair of tefillin? We can help!See More
  • SororitiesWanna co-host a Jewish event with your sorority? A Shabbat dinner? A speaker? A holiday or social event? Contact us!See More
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Fri, May 22, 2015
Join a warm and uplifting Shabbat dinner
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Sat, May 23, 2015
Join Chabad for meals, learning and more!
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Sat, May 23, 2015
Enjoy an engaging lunch with great discussion and melodies!
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A fundamental principle of Chabad philosophy is that the mind - which by its innate nature1 rules over the heart - should subordinate the heart to G-d's service by utilizing the intellectualization, comprehension and profound contemplation of the greatness of the Creator
Hayom Yom, Kislev 16
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